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Founded in 2023, your premier destination for exploring the world of arts and crafts. Each month, we spotlight talented artists, showcasing their unique creations and the stories behind them. Our home page welcomes you into a world where each month shines a spotlight on exceptional artists and their mesmerizing crafts. Get ready to mark your calendars for our exclusive, upcoming events, designed to connect and inspire. Embark on a journey of discovery and celebration with us – where your passion for crafts comes alive!

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Deeanna Hansen

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Deeanna Hansen

Spotlight on Local Talent:

An Evening with Mrs Hansen at I Made That Crafter's Emporium

Nestled within the vibrant strokes and commanding silhouettes of Mrs Hansen's acrylic paintings lies the heart of our community.  A local artist whose works capture the essence and nostalgia of historic buildings and homes, her paintings are a love letter to the artchitectural beauty of our area. Mrs Hansen, who began her artistic journey painting birds in her spare time, has dedicated the last 12 years to seriously refining her craft, leading to an impressive portfolio that brings our local history to life.

On May 11th, from 5pm to 7pm, I Made That- Crafter's Emporium is honored to showcase Mrs. Hansen's passion for our heritage through her unique acrylic paintings. Each piece, including highlights like the 'Historic Long House in Long Park', 'Ophelia's Store Corner', and 'Lincoln Park Boardwalk Chicago,' not only showcases Mrs. Hansen's incredible talent for realism but also transports viewers back in time with backgrounds inspired by the 1800's.

What sets Mrs. Hansen apart is her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to infuse historical accuracy into each scene, inviting the viewer to step into a bygone era. Her work exhales the spirit of our ancestors, encapsulating moments that shaped our community's landscape. 

In addition to the formal exhibition, Mrs. Hansen is open for commission, offering a unique opportunity for you to preserve your home, family, or cherished landscape within her breathtaking works. Imagine having your personal history captured through her detailed and evocative style - a treasure to be cherished for generations.

The showcase at I Made That- Crafter's Emporium promises not only an exhibition of Mrs. Hansen's finest works but also a celebration of our collective history and the individual memories intertwined within the buildings we walk past every day. Join us for an evening of artistry and nostalgia, complemented by a delightful wine and cheese offering, a perfect backdrop to immerse yourself in the stories articulated through each painting. 

This event is more than just a gallery show; it's a celebration of how art echoes our community's pulse. It invites us to witness the beauty that Mrs. Hansen sees in the rich history surrounding us, encouraging a deeper appreciation for our local heritage.

Don't miss this opportunity to support local art, revisit our shared past, and maybe even find that special piece that speaks to your own story. Visit I Made That- Crafter's Emporium on May 11th and allow Mrs. Hansen's artwork to transport you to another era, one brushstroke at a time.


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Creative Bonds at I Made That Craft

Creative Bonds at I Made That Craft

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